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Finch: "I Quit"

Posted on January 12, 2012 at 12:40 PM

Jerry Finch, who's fought for the dignity of the horse for many years, is saying he's fed up with the lame reasons people use to justify slaughter. It's about money, no matter how often proponents simper about "welfare" and "unintended consequences". That's a smokescreen that Americans, for heaven's sake, should be savvy enough to see through. It's about money, political favors, clout, big business squelching individual voices... It's about our loss of humanity.

Get ANGRY. If you don't care about horses, there are plenty of other areas where government serves the special interests that wine and dine them and pay for their elections. Find out about the area that you care about, and care enough to do something. We don't have to be diminished. We don't have to lose our voice. Find out where your government has sold itself to something you hate, and GET ANGRY.

By Jerry Finch on Horseback Magazine

Commentary: Habitat for Horses Founder Issues Manifesto Saying, “I Quit”

January 12, 2012

I’ve finally had all I can take – filled to the limit, my cup ran over. I’ve listened to all the excuses, tried to understand, tried to reason, to engage in logical discussions, tried everything I know to grasp the meaning and motivation of those who hurt animals. “Understand your enemy,” has been a mantra, a driving force behind hours of classroom work, literally hundreds of books, articles and long discussions with those far wiser than I.

The psychosis of hoarding (don’t tell me it’s just a neurosis. I’ve seen the horror up close and personal. Even neurotic people have their limits), the sociopathic beatings, the purposeful starvation, the power driven need to show complete dominance over all living things (including spouses and children), the utter and complete ignorance and lack of desire to learn about anything outside of giving pleasure to their own mortal bodies – I’ve studied all of it, tried to comprehend, did my best to overcome my bias, to swallow the thoughts of disgust and contempt.






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