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Sue Wallis, horse slaughter advocate

State Representative Sue Wallis, R-WY, lives near Recluse, WY and represents House District 52. In 2010, she was elected to the WY House of Representatives for a second term by 60% of the vote. She was not opposed by a Democrat. She collected 1,687 total votes while Travis Hakert, an Independent, received 705 votes and Nicholas De Laat, a Libertarian, received 426 votes. 

Wallis has managed to parlay an electoral base of 1,687 votes from a sparsely-populated area of Wyoming into a national soapbox that she mounts frequently and avidly to promote slaughtering horses for human food. It is hard to understand why anyone would turn horse slaughter into a personal mission, but this is what Wallis does.

Organizations she developed for that purpose include the so-called United Horsemen, United Organizations of the Horse and United Equine LLC. She serves as President and CEO of United Organizations of the Horse and Vice President of United Horsemen. In November 2011, after language defunding USDA inspection of horse slaughter in the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill was removed and the bill was subsequently approved by Congress and signed by President Obama, Wallis announced the formation of a new organization, the International Equine Business Association, which she co-chairs with Bill desBarres, head of the so-named Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada (slogan: "Promoting the humane handling of horses throughout all their life stages") and paid public representative of Claude Bouvry, owner of Bouvry Exports.


Sue Wallis Quotable Quotes

Sue Wallis, in an “Op Ed” published 9/29/2011 and titled “Killer Horse Buyers are Heroes and Saviors”, wrote:

  • “Recently I was interviewed on a radio show that included the Humane Society of the United States’ (HSUS) Wayne Pacelle spewing venomous remarks like, “horse slaughter is a predatory business where killer buyers outbid people who just want to save horses,” “horse slaughter is inhumane,” “Americans don’t eat horsemeat, and we shouldn’t be supplying people who do,” “all horse meat is contaminated and unfit for human consumption…” Every single one of these statements is absolutely, categorically, false.”
  • “Good people in the horse business are getting a very bad rap from so-called “nonprofits” who are anything but–radical, anti-agriculture activist groups like HSUS and their many offshoots that target honest, taxpaying citizens so they can “rescue” horses. “Rescue” is code for stealing horses without compensating the owner, and then holding them hostage so that they can be “re-homed” or kept as poster horses to raise more and more dollars.”
  • “The end results are good people saddled with unnecessarily guilt soaked burdens they can’t get rid of.”
  • “The supply pipelines to the Canadian and Mexican processing plants are plumb full of grade A meat horses and the price for even the best candidates is pathetically low.”
  • “There is no fear, no screaming, no being butchered alive–all of that is the worst sort of fallacious propaganda without one ounce of truth.”
  • “The anti-slaughter activists have taken up the vilification of every horse business in the country as evil, uncaring, sadistic monsters who love nothing better than to profit off of the pain and suffering of animals.”
  • “If truth, honor, and a big heart count for anything in this country anymore, then a huge dose of long overdue appreciation is due to every one of the few remaining stalwart, heroic, saviors of doomed and suffering horses…the horse (killer) buyers. God bless them.”