Republic of Horse

Trent Loos

Trent Loos bio from his "Truth Be Told" blog, subtitled "Exploding the myths, misconseptions (sic) and untruths about American agriculture.": 

I am a sixth generation United States Rancher that proudly touts myself as an agricultural activist.

Loos cultivates the appearance of a Great Basin buckaroo, normally photographed wearing a black flat hat with silver conchos, wild rag and vest, though he grew up on a hog farm in Quincy, IL.

In earlier years, Loos apparently stalked environmentalist John F. Kennedy Jr., repeatedly showing up at Kennedy's speeches and threatening him with statements like “I’m your worst enemy”, until Loos was busted for fraud and cattle rustling in Nebraska. Kennedy said that Loos only left him alone after he was prohibited from leaving the state (“Crimes Against Nature”, page 71, by John F. Kennedy Jr.).

Loos worked for Rosebud Farms, a huge Bell Farms hog-growing project on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota. The Rosebud people said it was a blight and wanted it gone, along with its flies and bad water management. Using a favored Ag industry scare tactic, Loos claimed that “those opposed to the factory are supported and directed by PETA and other “radical environmentalists” like Robert Kennedy who want to destroy the family farm and force all Americans to be vegetarians!” (